We are seeking recordings of personal memories from the year 1973. Children and youth are asked to invite a parent or family member to accompany them to share a memory.  At our sponsored events, we will have recording capability. We ask that you share a memory of no more than five minutes. We also ask that you begin your story with the words: Soy chileno/chilena y yo recuerdo.

We are also happy to accept home made videos, but please be aware that the quality must meet a certain level of clear sound and uncomplicated background for them to be included on the website. The same qualifications apply to home made videos: no more than five minutes and started with Soy chileno/chilena y yo recuerdo. Home videos can be emailed to For examples, please check out the memories page on the website.

We encourage all participants to include their name, but your request for anonymity will be respected. If you would like your memory included, but not your name, please let our organizers know that.