The lanterns that are being created for 1973: En la Luz speak to the metaphor of new light. Your lantern is your memory, it is an opportunity to see your memory, and the memory of many others, in a new light.

We offer three different types of lanterns: water lanterns, earth lanterns and sky lanterns.

At our events, we will provide water lanterns on which you can inscribe your memory, or you can choose to make your own. The lanterns will be collected by the event organizers and saved for the lighting ceremony on September 11, 2016.

We will also offer the supplies for you to create earth lanterns (luminarias) on which you can write your memory. The luminarias can be taken home with you.

Sky lanterns are reserved for classroom projects and will be provided to teachers for use with the 1973: En la Luz curriculum.

If you would like to create a lantern but can’t make it to one of our events, please contact us and we can make arrangements to provide lanterns to you. You can also Host your own event — If you are interested in bringing this project to your family and friends, please contact us for information on how to make that possible.